We catalyze missional Thai startups to deliver sustainable impact.

Through our collaborative based mentorship and support, we invite all to be part of the movement of shaping the culture of work.

We stand against the tide of a fragmented culture of work.

The culture of work in our social landscape has shifted towards one that is highly fragmented – exclusive and individualistic. Businesses become overtly pragmatic and commercialized, which suffocates generosity and sustainability. Fragmentation in the culture of work suggests a loss: a unity that once existed is now fractured. The diversity that was once regarded is now frowned on.
The solution

Uniting influential impact makers
to create sustainable businesses.

Through TonCedar, we build collective capacity by uniting those who are passionate about seeing both businesses and entrepreneurs thrive. We build a sustainable business ecosystem through our holistic approach that integrates faith, stewardship, and innovation.


Creative Circle

A monthly gathering of like minded entrepreneurs who embrace peer learning and collaboration.

TonCedar Fellowship

An integrative program that mentors and supports businesses towards sustainable impact.

Project Samart

Creating work opportunities and mentorship by our entrepreneurs to marginalized segments in society.

Project Many Hands

Curated subscription gift boxes showcasing quality products of skilled artisans from Thailand.


We believe there is a way to ethically run a business, improve communities and care for the environment, through shaping the culture of work.

Invest in our collaborative work ecosystem that launches missional and innovative leaders.